Managed Services


V.N.K. TECHNOLOGIES solves these all too common complaints with proactive IT Managed Services.

Our combination of regular remote preventative maintenance and real-time mon-itoring of your computer systems delivers the following benefits:

Minimise your IT downtime and failures. We address smaller IT problems before they become expensive IT failures through our remote monitor-ing, alerting and support.

Reduce your IT support costs. The ability to connect remotely to your IT systems to take corrective actions avoids expensive onsite callouts and is the Key to V.N.K. TECHNOLOGIES Managed IT Services. Proactive maintenance means fewer issues and less “unexpected” and costly onsite IT support work.

Fixed Fee IT management. Our “all you can eat” fixed Managed Service fees deliver a predictable cost for supporting your IT systems. Have piece of mind when you know exactly how much you pay each month for your IT sup-port no matter how many IT problems you have.

We are rewarded when your IT systems run smoothly, NOT when you have a problem. With V.N.K. TECHNOLOGIES Managed IT Services our success is dependant on the stability of your IT systems.